Official Teaser Trailer for the 4-part film, The Girl in the Mask.

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The No Man’s Land crisis is over. Gotham, once cut off from the world, has been welcomed back into civilization. With the opening of the city comes an influx of capital investment and humanitarian aid, spearheaded by Gotham’s own Bruce Wayne. Although the city has deep wounds, optimism fills the air as the scars are slowly patched. But beneath the glittering exterior of new and restored skyscrapers and monuments, a new darkness festers.

Stephanie Brown, college freshman and aspiring vigilante, dons the cape and hood of Spoiler for the first time, dreaming of doing some good for the people of Gotham. She soon realizes that she may be in over her head. Only with the aid of new allies and mentors can she hope to overcome the trial she is about to face.


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Adrianna Mazurkiewicz | Stephanie Brown / Spoiler

Adrianna started her filming career shooting commercials in high school. She is known for playing Stephanie Brown in The Red Hood Fan Series on YouTube. She has worked on the set of Chicago P.D. over the past few seasons as a stand-in and double.

Kevin Porter | Bruce Wayne / Batman

Kevin Porter is an actor and producer, known for his role as Laser in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Michael in The Watchers, his Batman roles in City of Scars and Dying is Easy as well as his Street Fighter, Punisher and other roles in Bat in the Sun productions.

R.J. Cecott | Tim Drake / Red Robin

R.J. is a proud graduate of Illinois State University with a B.S. in Acting, with training in theatre, television, and armed/unarmed combat. Between Illinois State University and Moraine Valley Community College, R.J. has portrayed such roles as Eric Harris in “columbinus”, March Hare in “Alice in Wonderland”, Prior Walter in “Angels in America” and Justin Hammond in “After Ashely” (Irene Ryan Nomination). R.J. is best known for his film work in “The Mail Room”, “Night of the Dolls”, and “Blood Moon River.”

Drew Martyn | Arthur Brown

Drew Martyn is an actor and stunt performer, best known for his work on Chicago P.D. He’s also performed in short films as well as music videos, usually punching someone’s lights out or getting his own tail kicked.


Timothy Kou | Co-writer/Director/Co-producer

Tim’s passion for filmmaking began with his love for conceptual art, how previsualized possibilities could come to life on screen. Tim wrote and directed his first short film, Like White Elephants, for a class project in 2003. In 2008 he wrote, directed, produced and starred in his own stop animation short, Once Upon a Hit, for an animation class. He also co-wrote and directed the opening episodes of The Red Hood Fan Series on YouTube in collaboration with CD828 Studios.
Tim also wrote and directed two short films for his business community, Agent 070 and The Rock Stars of Arlington Heights. He served as the Director of Photography and visual effects supervisor for Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville, which Method 2 Madness produced in cooperation with Metropolis Performing Arts Centre.

Christopher Kou | Co-writer/Co-producer

Chris is a writer, designer, and filmmaker. He earned his BS from Elmhurst University in History and Theology.
He is an avid reader of all things Batman. While writing The Girl in the Mask screenplay, he read chronologically through every Stephanie Brown related panel in DC’s comic book history and drew on the whole body of work to ensure that the Stephanie of our story would be as faithful as possible to her character.
Chris lives in the Chicago ’burbs with his wife Ellyn and two children.